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Our Experienced Engineers provide aspirational quality work to our clients by understanding their needs and importance of their time by taking minimal time and less repetition of same work. Our company policy has zero tolerance approach to quality issues.


Non Disclosure agreement process is bieng followed to ensure the secrets of design are maintained. We are dedicted to safeguard client's Design secrets and data management is done in such a way that their is no chance of Data leakage out of company premises.

On time Delivery

We Deliver the projects within the deadline of customer needs. Modification and Correction is done on high priority so that the clients can achieve their deadlines. We at Cadhands Design Services, takes less possible time to complete & deliver project.

Cost Reduction

Our Costing methods are 100% transparent and there is no hidden cost at any point. Our Cost per hour and Cost per Project will definitely reduce your design cost and can save your time and money effectively.You can contact us for pricing information.

About Us: Outsource CAD Services

Cadhands Design Services is one of the growing name in Cad Service Providers which is transforming the industry by innovative approach and world class designs. Clients choose us for our aspirational quality standards and our dedication towards work. We help our customers to work with efficiency and become the world class leaders in the competitive world by optimizing their design and providing the effective solution to their needs.

Our Company has bunch of Mechanical and Architectural engineers linked together to meet the customer satisfaction and requirements.

  • Project delivery model as per customer requirement
  • Hourly or project based pricing
  • Confidentiality assurance and data protection
  • 9+ year experienced and dedicated professionals
  • 24 hour customer support
  • Adapting customer working standards
  • Capability on different platforms like AutoCAD, PTC Creo etc

The services we offer to our customers are -

  • CAD conversion services
  • Mechanical Drafting
  • Jigs and Fixture Design
  • Tool Design for Sheet metal
  • Architectural Services
  • Special Purpose machines
  • Sheet metal Design
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How Cadhands Can be your partner for Design by Building Trusted Relationship

Our commitment, transparency, integrity and principles is key to our excellent and long term relationship with our customers.

  • 01 Quality Standards

    Our Drawings and 3D models go through various verification standards to ensure that Not Good Drawings donot reach our customers desk and loss of time and money can be avoided.

  • Our professionals also work after hours to meet the customer decieded deadline so that the customers' work donot suffer. Our top priority is to deliver the project on time with high end quality.

  • We are ready 24x7 to solve and entertain the issues and queries of our customers. Cadhands is also ready round the clock to finish the work of urgency as per customer needs.

  • We Have fair and transparency of pricing models on the basis of per hour cost and project cost. We also donot charge for customer oriented modification. We have inexpensive CAD services with high quality standards.


You can outsource CAD work to Cadhands Design Services, which offers a variety of services and solution for many sectors. Cadhands have made its name in the industry of CAD Service providers. Some of the industries we serve are


Engineering support for Construction and farming Machinery. Design support for material handling trolleys and Conveyers.


Designing and assembly support of different components of Automobile such as Chassis. Interior and exterior body design.


We provide best CAD solution for products such as air conditioning, furnaces, duct layout and heat pumps.


Design support for Architectural and BIM solution for residential, Commercial, industrial institutes.


Cadhands Design services provides design support of CAD work of Aerospace mechanical components.


We support in the completion of CAD Work for marine industry as per customer standards


We catered with our CAD services to different industries and our work capability is on numerous platforms such as AutoCAD, PTC Creo, Catia, Solidworks, etc. A glimpse of sample work we have done in the past for different companies are

  • All
  • 3d Modelling
  • Conveyor
  • Drafting
  • Structural
  • SPM
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Jigs Fixture
  • Architecture
Cadhands Design Services: Jigs and Fixture

Fixture Design

Jigs Fixture

Cadhands design Services: 3D Modelling

Seating Design


Outsource CAD: Jigs and Fixture

Fixture Design

Jigs Fixture

Cadhands - Jig Design

Jig Design

Agricultural Machinery

Conveyor Design

Conveyor Design Type A


Conveyor Design

Conveyor Design Type B


Jigs and Fixture

Testing Jig

Jigs and Fixture

Plant Layout - Architectural Services

Structure Design

Plant Layout

 Special Purpose Machine

Mechanical Arm

Special Purpose machines (SPM)

Special purpose machine: 3D modelling

Hydraulic press

Special Purpose machines (SPM)

3D Modelling and Assembly

Lifting Jack

Spare Market Industry

Special purpose machine: Modelling and Drafting

Motor Bearing Vibration Assy

Special Purpose machines (SPM)

Trolley Design: Drafting and Detailing

Material Handling


Finite Element analysis - Outsource

Stress Analysis

Finite Element Analysis

Special purpose machine: Modelling and Drafting

layout of Office


House Design - 350 Sq. Yards

House Design - 350 Sq.Yards


House Design - 400 Sq. Yards

House Design - 400 Sq.Yards


House Design - 605 Sq yards

House Design - 605 Sq.Yards


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